Notes From My Office: August’s Words

And so the summer ends, with a soggy bank holiday weekend. Schools, in theory, return this week, and Offices might begin to open up again. But nothing’s set in stone.

We’re not sure yet when we’ll return to the office, but given it’s a possibility in the near future, I’m beginning to think about what to do when I lose an hour or two to commuting again every day. Whether I can keep up my current writing schedule, or if I’ll need to adjust it again. That sort of thing.

Paper Tidy

I’m also (finally, huzzah!) sorting out my crafting space/office. I’ve been having all sorts of fun planning what I need and where my stuff will go. I got grid paper out and everything! I’ve been down a YouTube Rabbit-Hole of late (more anon), which has sparked all sorts of creative inspiration, not least of which has been about space, and how much I need for my crafting supplies.

It’s been quite a fun exercise in thinking about how to keep it from taking over the entirety of the spare room, and spilling out into other rooms as well.

At present, of course, it’s all still something of a mess, but I’m getting there. And it’s still got to accommodate my work-computer with its two screens.

My words this month, therefore, can be (just about) used to describe my current office/crafting space:

Fankle – a tangle; a confused or muddled state; a predicament

Garboil – to cause (a nation/region/etc) to be in a state of turmoil or discord; to confuse, agitate or disturb

Macaronic – a jumble or medley

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