Beginning Christmas Cards

Part of the plan with my card lists was that then I would divide it up and make cards each month, especially Christmas cards, so there wasn’t a mad rush for a deadline. I don’t really like working right up to a deadline, not in the general way of things. Far too stressful.

Things don’t always work out quite like that, though.

On the one hand, I was supposed to have made several Christmas cards this month. On the other hand, while I haven’t completed the cards, I have at least (finally) completed several cross-stitch patches which will become cards. I’ve had these for a while – I think I got them from Hobbycraft a couple of years ago (maybe. Might only have been last year, though), and I gave up on them pretty quickly.

I started with the stag, you see, and then discovered it had fractional stitches. Lots of fractional stitches.

Which I hate.

So I put them all aside and ignored them all. Turns out, the poinsettia doesn’t have fractionals, so I could have done that one earlier. They also all should have French knots, which I can never get right, but which I shall eventually replace with some gems or something instead.

But I did sit down and (mostly) complete these this month, which I shall call a win, and at some point I shall iron them flat and stick them to cards. Apparently they all fit in a 3×3″ aperture card, should I prefer to do that.

2 thoughts on “Beginning Christmas Cards

  1. French knots …’shudders’… I can never get them consistent either. Most of the time I will swap for something called a (I think) colonial knot. I have to look at the illustration of how to do it with every one though! I like the written (centre) picture, looks very vintage! Well doner on your Christmas progress! Much further on than I am!

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