Be a Unicorn

Having sat down and made a list of birthdays and Christmas-card recipients, I started my making with the closest of the birthdays.

Sensible, right? Begin at the beginning and then keep going.

In order to keep me going, I’ve decided to share my progress with both lists, so there’ll be a few more card-y posts each month, one for the birthday list and one for the Christmas list. And any others I make because of Inspiration, to be tucked away for people I’ve forgotten.

Unicorn Birthday Card

My first one, then, is this unicorn card. The die actually came from one of the first magazines I bought, back when I was just beginning to dabble in card-making, and the unicorn was pretty much the reason for it. And the fairy-themed stamp set. It was Papercrafter issue 134, if you’re interested, and the idea for the card came from there too. After the excitement of making the lists, I needed something simple.

Originally there was going to be a white layer of card on top of the purple, with a unicorn shaped window to the glitter, but my cutting plates left a mark on the white, so I decided to amend the plan slightly. I think I prefer it this way.

The Happy Birthday sentiment came from a card kit I got from Aldi around the same time as the magazine, and have barely used.

Just need to work on my measuring skills for getting card layers the right sort of size. Little bit long at the bottom, but never mind.

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