The Crafter’s Calendar

Every year, I promise myself that I will, this year, manage to make all my Christmas cards well in advance, and not leave them until the last possible minute.

Every year, I fail. And then cut the list of people who get a handmade card because I haven’t time to make them all.

But this year. Maybe this year will be different. Time at home has focused the mind somewhat, with regards my crafting and organising myself to stop complaining about how I hate this or that aspect of life, and do something about it.

I’ve done something really revolutionary recently. You’ll be amazed. Ready?

Rabbit Card

I made lists.

Told you, really revolutionary.

One for birthday cards, and one for Christmas cards. No doubt there are people I’ve forgotten, but it’s a start. Something to focus my paper-crafting experiments on, at any rate. I’ve even started making them too.

The reason I decided to do this was because it occurred to me that this is what I do for blog-posts, and it’s worked, by and large, for at least a year, so why wouldn’t it work for making cards? What could possibly go wrong, with a list of names and birthday months?

As I’ve said before, mostly I use the stamp and die sets that come with my monthly magazine (and other magazines that catch my eye but which I don’t buy regularly). I have a few non-magazine sets, but not many at present. I only came to paper crafts about a year ago, so I’m still building up my supplies.

And some cards will have cross-stitched patches instead. Or as well as.

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