Notes From My Office: July’s Words

One thing to be said for a summer in quarantine, with or without working from home, is that it’s much cooler than in the Office. Or is that just me?

Of course, I think it probably helps that, so far, this summer hasn’t had the sustained heatwave that the last few have had. Spring sunshine isn’t as hot as summer sunshine. And, of course, there are fewer people and computers in my home-office than in the Office.

There were the few days at the end of June which were a bit horrendous, temperature-wise, when all we wanted to eat was ice in some form. We got through a lot of ice lollies. Frozen fruit, too, come into their own at such times, both for eating and turning into smoothies (I came up with a quite delicious mix of vanilla redbush tea, mangoes and raspberries). And, finally, I had a need for the snapps in the freezer.

shallow focus photography of wine glass with slice of fruit on top of brown wood
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

It seems a shame there won’t be long sunny summer afternoons with jugs of Pimm’s on hand, so here are a few alcohol-related words which have come up in the last month:

Perlage – the aggregation of tiny bubbles which forms on the surface of a glass of champagne, sparkling wine, etc.

Quilling – the action or practice of bribing electors in order to gain their votes, especially by providing free alcohol; the action of drinking such alcohol

Bimbo – [US] an alcoholic drink made by mixing brandy with sugar and water and flavoured with lemon (originally drunk by sailors and fishermen)

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