TWIC: Origami Butterflies

Origami Butterflies

Back about Christmas-time, I muttered something, a vague sort of intention, about learning origami. The next day, my dad got me an origami kit he happened across in the Christmas sales.

I’ve only just got around to having a go.

It’s not the first time I’ve done origami. I used to be able to fold quite a good jumping frog, if I do say so myself. I’ve forgotten how, though, so now I’m back at the start.

One of the reasons I didn’t fall on the kit at Christmas and fold all of the pieces of paper that came with it was they were all so pretty. I didn’t want to waste them by screwing up the folds. I wanted to keep them for when I was practised. When I knew what I was doing.

And it’s taken until now for me to actually get a pack of paper to practise with.

The kit itself, though, has been used in other ways: it came with various paper craft tools which I’ve used in my other paper-crafting activities.

I’ve started my origami journey with some simple butterflies. My book has a more complicated butterfly, but I find the directions a bit complicated to follow, and will search out another YouTube demonstration to learn it.

But I like the butterflies – I think they’d make an excellent mobile, or would be easy to use for decorations, and a small pair could be turned into earrings. With prettier paper, naturally. Still need to work out the right size square to use, too, for earrings. The orange ones were made with a 7.5cm/3″ square, which is perhaps just a shade too big. Maybe a 5cm/2″ square would be the right size.

2 thoughts on “TWIC: Origami Butterflies

  1. They would make a great mobile especially in different sizes. I once had the idea of making origami earrings but quickly gave up as I didn’t have the patience to do the fiddly bits!

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