TWIC: Basic Granny Square

Basic Granny Square

My first granny squares for my 99-square challenge are basic, traditional granny squares. Nice and simple.

There are two reasons for this.

First, because I haven’t crocheted in a while. I wanted to get myself back in the swing of it and make sure I still knew what I was doing. More or less.

Second, because I looked at the instructions for the first one in the book, a triangle, and gave up. Not how I’m used to crochet instructions, and I need to do further investigation before I have a go at one of these. I think I had a similar problem when I was looking for a slightly more interesting granny square pattern for a blanket I was making a friend. Eventually I found a relatively straight-forward hexagonal pattern and went with that.

But if I’m to work my way through the 99 patterns, I need to work out what’s going on. I’ll probably start with the easier patterns, rather than working through them chronologically.

And I expect occasionally I’ll have a go at patterns I find elsewhere, too, not just the 99 in my book.

I like the basic granny square. It’s easy, requires very little thought, and you can get a good rhythm going. One treble, two treble, three treble, chain. One treble, two treble, three treble, chain. And then a chain of three on the corners. Or doubles, if you use US crochet terms.

And you just keep going. Until you run out of yarn, or you decide it’s big enough.

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