Nature Notes: June on the Balcony

And I thought May was a bit grey! June has been soggy, including a week with thunder rumbling all though it and occasional flashes of lightening. Although it has picked up again this last week.

Probably a good thing to have all the rain, after one of the sunniest springs on record, since the water company keeps sending emails reminding us not to use too much water. The plants like it, anyway. The only thing wrong with the week of thunder is that I much prefer a good thunderstorm, because the change in weather makes me headachey.

We had some unexpected colour on the balcony this month: some poppy seeds M forgot he’d sown have been growing and flowered for a few days. They didn’t last long, though. However, the hebe in the corner is giving us a lovely splash of purple, and the herbs have been replanted into a repurposed champagne box. The mint, especially, is loving it.

Every so often, we wonder about keeping a couple of hens on the balcony, but I doubt the management company would allow it, since we can’t even keep bikes there. Anyway, they’d probably prefer somewhere with a bit of grass. But we still have some wildlife, other than the bees. The bedding weeds in the tree-planters seem to make comfortable homes for woodlice and other such insects.

And just up the road in the park, we’ve seen a family of ducks with their ducklings enjoying the much-higher river levels, and a heron having a fish. Probably. It was good to see the ducklings – we were a bit late to see them at the fluffy stage this year at Astbury Mere.

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