How I’m Ranking Books

Since I’ve started posting more book-reviews, I’ve been thinking about how best to rank each book.

One More ChapterI don’t tend to give stars, partly because I’m never quite sure what I’m rating each book against. Its best possible self? How I wanted the story to go? Against the best examples of the genre? (Which I may or may not have read yet. Besides, who’s to say which is the best?)

I’m the sort of person who, when asked to rank things from 1-5, tends to plump for 3, unless I’m particularly pleased or riled with whatever I’m ranking. Mostly, I’m in the middle. On the happier side of middle, but in the middle nonetheless.

Most books are, well, average, I suppose. That is the nature of things. They’re readable, enjoyable, don’t make you scream in frustration or leap with joy. It’s a story that will keep you occupied and mildly entertained for a while. Not bad, good, just not…That special something. Besides, what I enjoy in a book, you may not, and vice versa.

cross-stitched phrase reading so many booksHowever, in rummaging through my bookish cross-stitch patterns, I came across a couple which I think might be of use. And also provide an easy snapshot of what I thought of a book, should you not want to read all the words. Which is possible.

The Ranks

For those I rate highly, there is the One More Chapter bookmark. Because, please, just one more chapter! For those I’ll read and reread until the corners are dog-eared and the covers falling off. Or which I’ll add to my Kindle library.

For those I don’t recommend in the slightest, there is the So Little Time bookend. And that’s some I won’t get back. For the “straight-to-the-charity-shop” books. Someone else’s treasure.

So Little TimeAnd for all the ones in between, there are the other, non-specific, bookish images. It’s a book, good for whiling away the time when you’re on a bus, or waiting for the dentist. Didn’t cause me extremes of emotion. Can pick it up or put it down without too much hardship.


And, perhaps, I will work out a ranking system to give an easy guide, especially for the in-betweener books. Better than X, not as good as Y. As long as I have sufficient points of reference, of course.

Do you have a ranking system? Or do you not bother?

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