The Saga of the Craft Room

Back in – March, was it? – I wrote of my plans for creating a craft room. I had such plans. My castle in the air.Before the Spring-Clean

It would be my safe-haven, away from the horrors of the Real World, where I could calm down with embroidery floss, or crochet hooks, or my Gemini. There would be a table, which I would clear after every session (honest), putting things back where they belong (because everything would have a labelled home), and shelving for my craft-books and the things which wouldn’t go in the drawers. I would have a sofa for when I crocheted or stitched. If visitors are lucky, it’ll even be a sofa-bed.

Alas, alack.

Work DeskQuarantine hit, and I was obliged to install my work-computer all over my lovely crafting desk, and the places where I would have sourced any of the required furniture (IKEA, or maybe the charity shops) closed. Well, that, and then I was furloughed, which put paid to any ideas of spare cash for buying said furniture. So I uninstalled the work-computer and now it sits upon the floor, unused and dusty.

I have, instead, made small steps towards the craft-room of my dreams, re-purposing items I already had. I have made desk-top storage for pens, glues and the odds and ends that somehow accumulate. A handy three-sectioned box (I believe it was supposed to be a herb planter, but M didn’t want it. Lack of drainage or something) has become the home for paper pads, A6 card, envelopes, and the odds and ends which didn’t fit on the desk. My Gemini is set up on a table next to the desk, with the rest of my papers and the cutting plates, etc., in boxes below.

It does, for the now. I still have ideas evolving for how to make it perfect, so it can be a proper craft-room-office, with space for all my crafty activities, and maybe also for my laptop (or work-computer). I’ll even have a proper office chair, not just one appropriated from the dining set with a cushion on it. You’ll see – it’ll be the best craft room ever!

I have no doubt, though, that as soon as I have my craft room the way I like it, I shall be called upon to set up the work-computer again. Sod’s law.

6 thoughts on “The Saga of the Craft Room

      1. Oh I’d love a craft shed, with a veranda for sunny days and a glass of wine! I was discussing just this with friends on a video chat today – a caravan was suggested for the same purpose!

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