TWIC: Experimenting with Embossing Folders

Reasonably often, my magazine stamp sets come with embossing folders. I don’t normally do anything much with them, for no good reason. Probably because I think of them as backgrounds. Besides, it’s easier to just play with the stamps. Christmas baubles

I used a cut-and-emboss folder back at Christmas, for some quick and easy last-minute cards, but I haven’t otherwise used embossing folders much. Over the last few months, they’ve been gathering, so I had a little play.

For card backgrounds. For card centrepieces. For bookmarks.

I’ve also been practising ink-blending a bit more, experimenting with different shades and making rainbows.

I was quite pleased with my zebra bookmark. I stamped the zebra before I put it through the embossing folder. I’m not sure if it would have been better the other way up. Further experimentation is required, I feel.

Perhaps now I’ve got the hang of using these I might now start to build up a stockpile of cards, so that when an occasion descends and I’m too busy/tired/whatever, I have cards to hand. And bookmarks to slip into the books I give as gifts.

I’ve also got to sort out some protection for my table – I ended up inking it as well as the edges of the bookmarks. Oops. Fortunately it all cleaned off.

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