Reading Lists: June 2020

I’ve been reading a lot of detective fiction recently. Some for the Classic Crime Challenge, and some because the challenge has reminded me how much I enjoy a good murder mystery.

cross-stitched phrase reading so many books

I probably read Agatha Christies before it, but the first murder mystery I remember reading was Strong Poison, by Dorothy L. Sayers, wherein Peter Wimsey meets Harriet Vane and sets out to save her from the gallows. She was accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. I set out to collect the rest of Sayers’ novels after that.

I’ve found various other mysteries amongst my TBR pile, some more contemporary than others.

Recently Read

Earthly Delights, by Kerry Greenwood – baker Corinna is dragged into murder investigation when she finds a junkie slumped across her hot air vent early one morning

Valley of the Shadows, by Carola Dunn – when an Indian is pulled from the waters off the north coast of Cornwall, Eleanor becomes embroiled in an investigation into people-smuggling

Enter the Saint, by Leslie Charteris – gentleman thief Simon Templar is doing his best to rid the world of Bad People, and taking “charitable donations” from them before sending them to prison

Tried to Read

May was a good month for reading: I didn’t chuck any of them across the room. Perhaps because, despite the towering TBR pile, I fell back on a variety of old favourites, plus a few from the pile.

Currently Reading

Mort, by Terry Pratchett – Death takes on a human apprentice, Mort


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