TWIC: One More Chapter

Sometimes, when in the midst of a large cross-stitch project (or, indeed, any project), it’s good to take a break and complete smaller projects. To remind oneself that they do finish. It is possible to complete a project.

Bookish Patterns

I’ve been trying to organise some “stock images” for those of my blog-posts which don’t normally have images. This is particularly true of my bookish posts. I know there are free images, and software for the creating of such things. I’ve had a play, but they don’t really feel like me. Like they’d suit. OK, what I mean is, too much fuss and bother, and I’m a bit of a technophobe. (And yes, I realise how the “too much fuss and bother” sounds given the, um, speedy and effortless medium I turned to.)

Instead, I had a rummage through my cross-stitch folder and pulled out those which might be suitable. Then had a cup of tea and a sit down to recruit my energies. It seemed a lot of work to be making them all.

One More Chapter

I started with the smallest of the patterns. Baby steps. Best way to lull flagging spirits. It only took a few hours. And you can never have too many bookmarks. Though I did skip the French knots (I can never get them to turn out right) and the tassel. Amazingly, I had all the correct colours. I’m still deciding if it needs backing on felt or card, or if I can’t be bothered and just leave it as is.

I expect I’ll do the blue bookends next, since they, allegedly, only take 5 hours each. I like Emma Congdon patterns. I did the bookmark from the set last year for a friend – I think the timing was about right.

All these patterns come from various issues of CrossStitcher. (I no longer have the issue numbers, but can give the month and year if interested.)

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