The Problem with Paris

I was feeling quite confident with my J’adore Paris sampler. I thought I’d get it finished by the end of April, and then move on to another unfinished project (probably the map).

Naturally, perhaps, as with quite a few plans so far this year, that didn’t happen.

I got nearly to the top of the Eiffel Tower in back-stitch when I discovered a miscount in the pink.

Problems with Eiffel

I’m going to blame the fact that I hadn’t yet rediscovered the sense of my lap-tray for holding my threads and the pattern, and had been resting the torn-out magazine pages on my knees.

While I work out how to fix this (because I really can’t be bothered to unpick all those stitches and redo them!), I thought I’d put it aside again, in favour of a couple of smaller unfinished projects.

First, a bookmark, because I need some more, with all the reading I’m doing at the moment. This one I started about a year ago, but because I had to keep changing my thread-colours (I like to stitch colours in batches, rather than constantly switching, where possible), I put it down after a few books. But now it’s finished.

Celtic Hound

And now I’m working on this Celtic hound. The kit reckons to it being a cushion panel, but I expect I shall just pop it in a frame.

5 thoughts on “The Problem with Paris

  1. I like Celtic patterns. It’ll be interesting to see the finished work. Shame about the mis-stitches, it’s really frustrating when that happens, I hope you get your mojo back for it, it looks like a lovely picture.

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