TWIC: Watercolour Cards

Last Christmas I was given a set of watercolour pens. Well, water-based ink pens which come with a refillable water brush pen for blending the inks.

I’d asked for them because I thought they might make learning to watercolour a bit easier. I have some watercolour pencils for the same reason. I’d picked up a paint-it-yourself watercolour card pad from Aldi – made by Little Red Boots – because drawing isn’t my forte. Also, one thing at a time.

The pad has 12 nature illustrations, with two copies of each one. This means you’ve got one to practise on and experiment with colours, and then one “for best”.

I figured they’d be a good place to begin. The first butterfly card I did ended up with the crinkly look that happens when you get paper wet. Even though these cards are designed for watercolours.

I can’t now find that card – it’ll be about somewhere – but this week, I had another go, with the duckling, and then the kingfisher. And it seems to have worked. Obviously, I still need to practise, but I feel they’re not bad attempts. Even if I do say so myself.

The only annoying thing about this pad of cards is that they don’t come with envelopes, so I’ll have to work out how to make some. Or buy some 6×6 envelopes from somewhere.

I hope Aldi do these again this year. They also had some A4 sized illustrations for watercolour.

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