Reading Lists: May 2020

One of the joys of my recent furlough has been the time I’ve had to read. Not being able to go anywhere, or have any paid work to do from home, means I don’t feel guilty about taking a morning to visit other worlds. I’ve knocked things off my TBR pile, as well as reread comforting favourites.

A while ago, I saw a list of suggestions of uplifting books to read in isolation. I can’t say I was particularly enthused by the offerings, except for Meg and Mog and the Sherlock Holmes collections. But, of course, to each their own idea of uplifting. I’m just surprised that so few have suggested Georgette Heyer, though I have seen The Grand Sophy on one. They are light-hearted and witty, with suitably happy endings, and the occasional duel.

Georgette Heyers

Here, though, are a few other Heyers, which I reread at the beginning of my furlough:

False Colours – in which Kit Fancot is persuaded (for one night only, honest) to take the place of his missing identical twin, the Earl of Denville, at a dinner given by his prospective fiancée’s father, to introduce him to the family

The Masqueraders – siblings Prudence and Robin switch roles to hide Robin from any repercussions following his involvement in the failed rebellion of 1745

The Corinthian – on the brink of contracting an eligible but distasteful engagement, Sir Richard Wyndham stumbles across a girl climbing out of a window to escape her aunt’s machinations. What’s a gentleman to do but assist her?

Tried to Read

A Scream in Soho, by Andrew Forester – I just couldn’t warm to the detective in charge. And now it’s just waiting for the library to open again so I can return it

Currently Reading

The Spanish Bride, also by Georgette Heyer – a fictionalised account of the first years of Harry and Juana Smith’s marriage, during the latter part of the Napoleonic Wars

3 thoughts on “Reading Lists: May 2020

  1. If you’re looking to build your list at all, The Princess Bride is also a hysterical read! I didn’t know it was a book and not just a movie, but the text is in some ways funnier than the film. And yes, this has been a great time to hunker down and do some bookworming, despite the restrictions. 🙂

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