Notes From My Office: March’s Words

It’s been a weird month. No doubt the world is about to get a whole lot weirder.

Some things I don’t mind so much. The working-from-home aspect, for example. I’m not a people-person at the best of times, and now I’m being encouraged not to socialise or get within about a metre, two’s better, of others. The weird thing is how much more inclined I am to work when at home. I’m still trying to establish a proper routine, though, with breaks and things. It’s easy to forget them, with no colleagues around to remind me. Especially when I can get a cup of tea whenever I fancy. If only I had a kitten as an office-companion.

The empty shelves in supermarkets, that’s less nice. It makes it much harder to plan a week’s menu if you can’t guarantee the ingredients. Mind you, it’s interesting to see the things people won’t buy, even in a crisis. Like radishes. I think there’ll be a lot more foodie-experiments in the near future.



Anyway, this month, the words have been a bit more random:

Shenaniganist – one who participates in shenanigans

Next tomorrow – the day after tomorrow

Dicker (intransitive) – to dither, vacillate, hesitate

Stegophilist – one who enjoys climbing the outside of buildings

Amblygon – a triangle with one obtuse angle (in later use, any geometric figure with one or more obtuse angle)

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