Recipe: Chocolate and Berry Flapjack

Now is probably not the time for complicated recipes – or maybe it is: the ingredients probably haven’t been stockpiled by others and are therefore probably still in the shops – but if you want to make lots of something, you need a straight-forward sort of a recipe. Something you don’t have to think too much about.

Especially if you’re also using it to keep children occupied if they happen to be at home.

I love lazy, chuck-it-in-a-pan recipes. Minimal effort, and you still get something yummy at the end.

Chocolate Berry Flapjack

I chucked a slab of butter and about three spoons of honey into a pan to melt together, and then stirred it into a bowl of oats, a handful of cacao chips and some defrosted mixed berries. Then I popped it into the oven for about ten minutes at about 200C.

It’s not the most useful of recipes, I agree, having no real measurements. But I trust you to use your own judgement in working out if you have enough oats. And it’s easy enough to adapt it to your own tastes too.

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