The Art of the Spring-Clean

I mentioned before that I’ve been spring-cleaning recently. I’m being more ruthless than normal, too, with all the clutter and the things which I don’t really need.

Largely, this is due to the fact that my crafting supplies have definitely outgrown my craft-corner, and I am now trying to clear out and reorganise the spare room into my craft-room. I have lots of lovely plans and ideas for how it will look once I’m done, though I know it will take a little while.

But as the spare room has been the dumping ground for anything we didn’t want to think about, it’s needed a lot of energy, mental as well as physical. Part of the problem is that M and I have a tendency to think too much of the future, and when we eventually have our own little house, and so we have various things which we might want, in the future.

Right now, though, they’re just taking up space and gathering dust.

This spring-clean, though, I’ve been thinking of the here and now. And trying to clear out the stuff that isn’t pulling its weight. It’s all very well to say But when we have a garden, or When we have more space, but, as is also said, Tomorrow never comes.

I’m not saying we’ll never have a garden, or more space, or whatever, but when that time comes is the time to get these things. Not now, not when we don’t need them and they’re just clutter.

I’m not going quite as far as asking if each item brings me joy when I look at it, but I am asking if I really, honestly, need to keep it. Like the make-up I never wear. I can’t think how that’s escaped the cull every year.

The trick when I’m done will be to actually take all the stuff to an appropriate final destination in good time, so it isn’t still sitting in the hall when I next come to spring-clean. And also to not fill the uncovered space with more things to gather dust.

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