Reading Lists: March 2020

It’s been a strange time, the last few weeks.

The first few months of a year I like to take stock of things, to reorganise, and to have a good clear-out. Normally, this just means clothes and going through all the things which just accumulate because you can’t think what to do with them.

This year, though, I’ve also gone through my bookshelves, and I’ve actually filled two bags with books I’m either never going to read or don’t like enough to read again. Not only that, but they’ve even been taken to a charity shop. I know. Unheard of. I haven’t even replaced them yet either.

Recently Read

Little Women, by Louisa M. Alcott

The Cat of Yule Cottage, by Lili Hayward – City-girl Jess moves to a small Cornish village, taking on the tenancy of a rundown cottage and the guardianship of its cat

Mystery in White, by J. Jefferson Farjeon – Caught in a snow-storm, in an apparently empty house, six strangers try to uncover its mysteries, and then a murderer appears in their midst…

Considered Reading

See above, although I didn’t make a note of many/any of the titles. Various contemporary thrillers and murder mysteries.

Currently Reading

Harriette Wilson’s Memoirs – a Regency courtesan who wrote her memoirs to provide for her later life, she gave all of her erstwhile lovers the opportunity to have their names removed from print – for a small fee (about £200 each). The Duke of Wellington responded with “Publish, and be damned!”

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