Craft: The Scrapbook Look Book

One of the problems, I find, of collecting lots of stamp sets and dies and other crafting supplies is that there are periods when I don’t need to make cards. Or that the ones I have aren’t quite suitable for the person and card I have in mind. And I need to go shopping for yet more.

Stamp and die sets

I feel that this problem is only going to get worse, since I was given a subscription to Simply Cards & Papercraft for Christmas, and will therefore be receiving new sets every month. Such a hard life!

My solution is similar to what happens with all the mini cross-stitch kits I make.

A scrapbook, although in the case of paper-crafts, it’s also going to function as a sort of Look Book. For inspiration later on, should it be required, using the stamps, dies and embossing folders that drop through my post-box each month. And to make sure that they do get used and don’t just accumulate dust because I never have quite the right occasion or person for them. Especially when they’re such lovely sets. This will be particularly useful, I hope, for Christmas cards.

And it will help me to practise techniques to make my cards better and my lines a bit straighter. And perhaps start making scenes to go in box frames, so my walls aren’t just covered in cross-stitched samplers. Be good to break the stitching up a little.

These snowdrops were actually in the December issue (I’m a little behind in my crafting), but this seems a good month to showcase them, since they are traditionally a February flower. They’ll also make good bluebells when May comes around. I’ve been trying different colouring methods, too. The first few (and the bluebells below) I coloured using fine-liners, and these I used watercolour pencils.


It’s been a while since I last used watercolour pencils – I’d forgotten how good they are. Perhaps as I practise my sketching more, I shall practise my painting too. Can it be called painting if it’s watercolour pencils? Or is it still just colouring? Does it matter? Hmm.

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