Reading Lists: January 2020

With all the Christmas preparations going on, crafting and otherwise, I fell back on a series I’ve enjoyed before. I think they probably fall under the Cosy Murder Mystery genre, and they show the world of publishing in a whole new light. There’s a fourth one which my local library sadly doesn’t have yet, but I suspect I shall probably add them to my Kindle library at some point anyway.

Recently Read

A Murder of Magpies, by Judith Flanders – unwitting editor Sam Clair is dragged into sleuthing by a missing author

A Bed of Scorpions, by Judith Flanders – this time it’s the apparent suicide of a friend’s business partner (using an illegal, Soviet-era handgun) that drags Sam into sleuthing

A Cast of Vultures, by Judith Flanders – and now it’s an arson in Sam’s neighbourhood which calls for investigation when a body is discovered in the ashes of the fire

Considered Reading

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novak

Currently Reading

Making Money, by Terry Pratchett – fixing Ankh-Morpork’s banking system with the help of ex-conman Moist von Lipwig

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