Looking Ahead: 2020 Goals

I don’t much like Resolutions; I’m not very good with them, which doesn’t help. I aim high and get tired within a month and give up. I doubt I’m the only one.

On the other hand, last year, I had Goals, which I found easier to work with month-to-month. Admittedly the Goals started off with a list of specific things and then became a bit more general, but even so. The general covered the specific and enabled me to meet my Goals even with all the crises going on.

This year, my one Goal is simple: To continue doing what I love. Maybe work out how to make my hobbies pay for themselves.

In practice, this breaks down into three things:

  • More reading: in addition to my normal reading, I’m taking up the British Crime Classics Challenge to read more Golden Age mystery writers
  • More writing: to maintain the editorial schedule I’ve established for The Whitty Pear. Perhaps build up to three posts a week
  • More crafting: learning new crafts and the dread UFP pile…

Do you have any Resolutions or Goals?

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