Crafts: Beginnings in Papercraft

Back about Easter-time, I started to become interested in die-cutting and papercrafts more generally. Partly, this was due to Aldi’s Special Buy for a mini die cutting machine. It was also because I thought it would be good to be able to die-cut applique items for any sewing I might do.

I didn’t do very much with the mini die cutter, beyond a couple of practice attempts with the included die and embossing folder. I spent more time looking at magazines and buying the ones with dies or stamps I liked. For inspiration. Yes, let’s go with that.

More recently, my crafting corner has extended to include a Gemini, and now my papercraft supplies fill a box of their own. My corner is creeping outwards to fill the space below the coffee table. At some point we’ll make a shelf for them to sit on there, to complete my extension.

No doubt in the future there will be plenty of papercrafting projects: for now, I’m still playing and learning. And filling my folder of Just In Case paper shapes and paper scraps.

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