Granny Square Blankets

When I first learned to crochet, before I started with Proper Patterns, while I was still learning the different stitches, I began a granny square. The colleague who’d taught me the first few recommended Bella Coco on YouTube as a way to keep going, and I watched her demonstrations for two different granny squares, one classic and one solid. I had a go at both, unravelling my yarn after a while and starting again.

And then, with yarn I’d had for far longer than I’d care to admit, I set out to make as big a one as I could, using the classic pattern. A cousin had a baby due, and I thought it’d be a nice baby blanket. So I just kept going, round and round the square. I didn’t really have a plan for how big I’d make it; mostly I was using up these balls of yarn I’d had for years, from back when I occasionally knitted the odd square.

Eventually I decided it was big enough, having run out of the blue yarn I’d started with and continued with a yellow one. Looking again, I think I managed to use up three balls of yarn.

Having long since lost the labels for all three of the balls, I’ve no idea what sort it was, though it was probably acrylic. And that looks like my 6mm crochet hook. I’m told the baby very much liked his blanket.

I like the granny square, whichever pattern you use. I’ve made other such blankets, which will no doubt appear in the coming months, and some with granny square patches. Even one with hexagonal granny ‘squares’.

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