The Apples of Autumn

One thing I love about autumn is going home and collecting the windfalls. It’s a bit early in the season just yet, but I still came away with half a box of apples. And two jars of Mum’s damson jam and two bottles of Dad’s cider.

Apples are one of my favourite fruits. So very delicious in crumbles (cold, with cream, for breakfast) and cakes. They’re best from now until November-ish, when they’re just off the tree. I normally collect as many as possible and stew them up and freeze them for later. Or make mincemeat, or stick them in my Christmas cake. I’ve had a few autumns where M and I pretty much lived off apple cake and crumble. Oh the joys of being an Adult and being able to choose to eat like that!

This box-full was last year’s offering, though I do not doubt that a visit home a bit later in the season will yield just as many again. Watch out for plenty of apple recipes this autumn!

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