Pooh’s Thinking Cushion

Shortly after I rediscovered cross-stitch as a craft I could do, and which I enjoy doing, and which can be done in front of the TV, I decided that I would stitch that year’s Christmas presents. I thought it would save a little money. What I forgot, or hadn’t counted on, was how long it takes to complete a cross-stitch, particularly one which is then to be turned into a cushion-cover or similar.

In the end, I only made one gift that year – I’ve made others since – and I was stitching right up until the last possible minute. I strained my wrist in the process. The really quite amazing thing, I think, is that it didn’t put me off cross-stitch, which it so easily could have done.

Looking back over my old posts about this cushion, I see I made all sorts of promises to myself that, in future, I would start my Christmas stitching early. I would spend all year making things. Honest.

I don’t think that has ever happened. Not even for Christmas cards. Never mind. One day I’ll get my act together. Maybe.

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