To Be Stitched: Keeping Track of Future Projects

I have the same problems with cross-stitch patterns that I have with books: Quantity and Time. My TBR list is longer than my arm, and I have a box full of cross-stitching magazines and a drawer full of kits. And not enough hours in the day.

I didn’t help myself, either, buying a new magazine each month, usually full of many patterns which I want to stitch. And then by trying to design my own patterns, too. Nowadays I try to restrict the magazine-buying only to those with sufficient patterns I like to make it worthwhile.

About ten magazines into my collection, though, I came to a decision. I was marking the patterns I liked by folding down the corner of the page, but I wasn’t really keeping track of them, for suitable occasions in the future or just-becauses. So, I did what comes naturally to the planner.

I began to note each pattern down, in a notebook, complete with the edition it was in, the length of time it supposedly took, and a complete list of all threads and fabrics required to complete the pattern. My Project Notebook.

This worked well for a few years, but a couple of months ago, while I was beginning to reorganise my crafting corner, I decided to declutter. Which involved getting rid of patterns I was never going to stitch. I managed to whittle my 60-odd cross-stitch magazines down to two lever-arch folders, and they may all be made at some point.

How do you track your future projects?

2 thoughts on “To Be Stitched: Keeping Track of Future Projects

    1. That day will come when I rewrite my list of patterns. I stopped a while back, when my magazines got a little out-of-hand, and now it needs updating.


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